Frequently Asked Questions

Where can a storm shelter be installed?

We install our storm shelters in garages, carports, patios, and new construction.

How long does it take to install the storm shelter?

We arrive at the proposed storm shelter location site around 8 am to begin work.  We will usually complete the storm shelter install within 6-8 hours.

How is the storm shelter ventilated?

In compliance to FEMA 320, ICC/NSSA, and FEMA 361 standards, our storm shelters have engineered air exchange  into both the stationary lid and the Easy Glide sliding lid. We also provide a battery operated fan to assist with natural air flow.

What should I do if the house collapses on top of the storm shelter?

We suggest that you wait until emergency crews come and help you out of the storm shelter. However, our storm shelters do come standard with a 4000 lb winch, if debris were to prevent the way out.

What kind of warranty do you offer with your storm shelters?

Our storm shelters come with a 25 year warranty that protects the storm shelter from leaks, corrosion, and floating.

How is the storm shelter protected from corrosion?

Our storm shelters are meticulously welded, seams are caulked inside and out, exterior of shelter  is coated multiple times with a coal/tar epoxy mixture, and the interior is sprayed with a rust inhibiting paint.

Do your storm shelters comply with FEMA requirements?

Absolutely! We strongly believe that every storm shelter company should be required to not only comply with FEMA and ICC/NSSA standards, but also be able to provide an Engineers Seal as proof of complying with those standards. You can view our Engineers Seal in our “About Us” section.

How can I pay for a storm shelter?

We accept cash, check, and credit cards. We ask for a $300 deposit to secure your installation date. The remaining balance is due the day of the installation.

Can I park my vehicle over the top of the storm shelter?

Yes, our storm shelters are designed for a car’s wheels  to straddle perfectly over lid of the shelter.

What happens if the car’s wheels accidently roll over the top of the storm shelter?

We do not suggest rolling over the top of the storm shelter. However, we know accidents happen. The weight of a vehicle rolling over the storm shelter will NOT structurally compromise it.

Are you approved to participate in FEMA rebate programs?

Our storm shelters do qualify for rebate programs. We have links to local EMA websites for more information.

Do you offer any type of referrals for past customers?

Yes! We  PAY our customers $200 for each installed storm shelter that they referred!

Are your storm shelters registered with local EMA?

We provide the GPS coordinates for your storm shelter the day of the installation. Local EMA then requires the homeowner to register their shelters with the local fire dept/police dept. If a tornado were to hit your home, your storm shelter’s GPS coordinates will allow local EMA to come within 24 inches of your exact position!

How long have you been in business?

We have been installing storm shelters since February 2008. We have more hands on experience installing these types of storm shelters than any other company around.

Who will be coming to my house to install the storm shelter?

We are a local, family owned business that handles all areas of manufacturing and installing the storm shelters. We are the only local storm shelter company that builds and installs storm shelters without subcontracting. Therefore, our customers benefit from the most quality storm shelter and installation on the market.

Where are you located?

Our shop is located in Oakland, TN on Pierce Rd in the industrial park. Because we fabricate our own storm shelters, local law requires us to be in the industrial zone of Oakland. However, you are still welcome to come check out the building process. We also have installed storm shelters in our own personal homes that we would love to show our potential customers!

Do I have any options to customize my storm shelter?

Yes, we offer multiple options that are completely free! Our storm shelter comes standard with 4 removable carpeted steps (a non-slip surface), 2 removable carpeted benches, a battery operated magnetic swivel LED light, battery operated fan, 4000 lb winch, and GPS coordinates. Carpeted flooring in the storm shelter and/or steel steps are available at no additional cost. We also offer locks, hand rails, safety boxes and more for an additional small charge.

Can I buy the storm shelter only?

Yes, we offer the storm shelter and installation as a package, but we also offer the storm shelter alone, for those DIY customers. Both prices for our 3 different sizes are on our “Storm Shelter and Prices” page.

Are you a part of the BBB?

We are proud members of the Better Business Bureau! We encourage you to check us out on their website.

Need help paying?

We are now offering full financing AND layaway options to help you gain peace of mind in the path of a storm! Please email for more information!

Want to become a storm shelter distributor?

We are currently looking for qualified companies to install our storm shelters.